Lifestyle Photography


45 minutes

20 edited digital photos

Framed print options available

What's "Lifestyle Photography" you ask?  Good question...


Lifestyle photography includes everything that isn't a family photo shoot, children's photography, an engagement shoot, or pet photography.  Lifestyle can be thought of as something promotional (a band, an actor or comedian, etc), or something that demonstrates an individual's hobby or profession that they'd like captured with professional images (see yoga shoot in slide-show above).


Bands.  Actors/actresses.  Entertainers.  Athletes.  Unique individuals that just want to professional images.


Every shoot is different.  Our location reflects the content.  We determine ahead of time what images you want, why you want them, and how I can translate your vision into the camera.


Shoots are 45 minutes long, and you get a series of edited digital images like the ones in the slide show above.  Upload them, print them, whatever you want.


If you'd like, I can deliver your photos as prints or framed photos, a calendar, a canvas, or anything else you can dream up.  Pricing varies, let me know what you want and I'll give you a quote.


So let's get started!  Send me an email if you'd like to book a Lifestyle photo shoot.

Charlotte Stuart Photography  |  South Portland, Maine (serving all of New England)  |  |  (207) 310-1214


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